The Cure for Codependency is a resource to help you free yourself from the self-imposed prison of codependency by unplugging from other people, creating strong personal boundaries, and becoming completely honest about your own experience.

By unplugging from other people’s experiences you let go of a heavy and unnecessary burden.  You learn to let go of everything you’re not responsible for.  You learn to let people experience their own struggles.  You learn to let people be exactly as they are.  You learn that no one needs to be changed and that each person is responsible for his or her own choices.

By creating strong personal boundaries you start to rebuild your self-esteem. You no longer confuse other people’s responsibility with your own. You learn where you end and other people begin.  You learn to stop owning other people’s problems.  You learn to take ownership of your own experience.  You learn to speak up when other people violate your boundaries.

By becoming honest with yourself and others about your experience you become genuine. You no longer have to pretend or hide the truth about how you’re feeling. You can relate to others in a genuine way.

You don’t have to be codependent to benefit from this information.  If you find it helpful, please share it with others.